Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago

Feature Address - A role for geospatial information tools and technologies
Author: Prof. Bheshem Ramlal
An assessment of the model quality and coordinate accuracies of a 3D model generated from geo-tagged mobile imagery
Author: Umari Prince
The use of LiDAR drone technology towards sustainable development
Author: L&S Surveying Services Limited
Bridging the gaps and fostering better collaboration between surveyors and planners
Author: Camille Fortune-Follock
Green Building
Author: Grace LesFouris
Sustainable development through GeoAI technology for addressing urbanization issues in Caribbean SIDS
Authors: Darion Mahadeo, ors
Digitisation of cultural heritage
Author: Christian Persad
Sustainable development from a personal and professional perspective
Authors: Siobhian Christopher, Susan Romano-Davis
Modern approaches to compulsory land acquisition
Authors: Darian Wallace, Reanna Phagoo-Nandlal
Compulsory acquisition: Is there full and complete restitution for the affected property owner
Author: Esric Huggins
Construction payment impact on contractor performance of public sector projects in Trinidad and Tobago
Author: Shizelle Ramjit
Construction cost in Trinidad post-COVID
Author: Clint Langton
Webscraping and residential property prices_a case for Trinidad _ Tobago
Author: Yannick Melville
A geoinformatics framework for assessing and quantifying urban growth
Author: Candice Dookree
Women in surveying_a local perspective
Authors: Nila Singh, Sunil Lalloo, Charisse Griffith-Charles
Land policy white paper
Author: Charisse Griffith-Charles
Land policy white paper
Author: Lizabeth-Ann Hamilton
The future of Surveying LS
Author: Christian Persad
The future of surveying QS
Author: Shalon Andrews
The future of surveying VS
Author: David Bally