Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago

The Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad and Tobago (ISTT) was established as a non-governmental
organization in 1996 upon the amalgamation of the Land Surveyors Association of Trinidad and Tobago
(1948), The Quantity Surveyors’ Society of Trinidad and Tobago (1963) and ProVal (the Association of the
Valuation Surveyors) (1975). The Institute plays a pivotal role in providing the Minister with responsibility
for Lands and Land Surveying with advice on several types of nominees that enable the enactment of the
Land Surveyors Act 33 of 1996 (Act), serves as the main stakeholder representing local surveying
professionals and provides training, dissemination of information to the public and advice to both
surveyors and the public.

Board of Directors

Mr. Christian Persad
Message from the President

On behalf of the Board of Directors for the term 2024-2025, I wish to convey our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the membership of the ISTT for choosing us to lead this esteemed organization into what will be its 28th year of existence.

As the incoming President I have outlined three (3) strategic goals for the next 12 months, all in alignment with the objectives of the ISTT as a professional organization. These strategic goals are as follows:

  • to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization,
  • to improve the public perception of surveying professionals, and
  • to create excitement/inspiration for the next generation of surveying professionals on the horizon.

Specific focus will also be placed on the rise of Artificial Intelligence, its impact on surveying professionals, and what expectations we may have for the future.

I humbly ask that you give your support to the Board of Directors, who have all volunteered their valuable time, expertise and energy in service to you. We look forward to your input, participation, feedback and constructive criticism as we serve you the membership this coming year. It is my firm expectation and my purpose to ensure that there will be a positive outcome for all stakeholders at the end of our term of service.

Dexter Davis

Abraham Derry

Lizabeth-Ann Hamilton

Nigel Ramsey
Immediate Past President

Robert Williams

Colvin Blaize
Public Relations Officer

Esric Huggins
Assistant Secretary

Richelle Jeremie
Assistant Treasurer

Stephen Joseph Affoo

Derek Outridge

Natasha Bastaldo

Lenny Hanomansingh

Trevor Narine

David James

Darryl Ragoopath

David Superville